Greg Egan

“In the 30th century, few humans remain on Earth. Most have downloaded themselves into robot bodies or solar-system-spanning virtual realities, escaping death–or so they believe, until the collision of nearby neutron stars threatens life in every form.”

The XION book club returns with our first book of 2017 (this time on Kindle!) Diaspora is a hard sci-fi novel by the author Greg Egan. For those of you who are new to hard sci-fi, this is a subgenre that focuses on scientific and technical accuracy. Usually hard SF novels have solid theoretical foundations, and are based on emerging scientific research.

Book Details

Month February 2017
Meetup Date Saturday March 4 2017 18:00:00
Meetup Location XION
Referer rogerclark
Amazon Link http://a.co/17eOfy1